Devil’s Bridge

Devil's Bridge

Our first feature film production, “Devil’s Bridge” was directed by Chris Crow and produced via our sister film production company Dogs Of Annwn Ltd. The film was shot in 2009 and received a UK theatrical and DVD release in 2012 through eOne.

Thanks to Day Trip Media Ltd’s previous experiences in the realms of TV production for the likes of the BBC and S4C, the company was able to provide a number of services during the production of “Devil’s Bridge”, including:

  • Preproduction scheduling, logistics and legal.
  • Talent and crew procurement and management.
  • Equipment hire, maintenance and supply.
  • Production support.
  • Audio recording for soundtrack.
  • Production photography and supplemental material for EPK.
  • Production accounting and financing.
  • Post-production support, deliverables and promotion.

Currently we’re once again working with Dogs Of Annwn Ltd in the production of their second feature film, The Lighthouse.