Day Trip Media Ltd’s History

Founded in Cardiff back in 2006, Day Trip Media was initially set up as a sole trader business by David Lloyd, following seven years working for the BBC. The lure of setting up his own business proved to much so he took the leap and hasn’t looked back since. During his time at the BBC, David worked in a number of production focused areas (online and TV), picking up skills such as video editing, project management and creative development along the way.

With the new business established, David focused on developing his web production skills, launching a number of commercially successful sites and developing skills in search engine marketing and online promotion. Alongside the web work, David continued to work with video and audio production to both augment the websites and to satisfy his own personal desire to explore and improve those skills.

As Day Trip Media’s portfolio of commercial web properties and production projects continued to grow and flourish, David took the decision to expand, hiring the first of the business’ highly valued full time staff, freeing up time from the web production side of the business to develop film production side of it.

In 2009 working with long time friend and collaborator Chris Crow, David jointly formed Dogs Of Annwn Ltd, to produce the feature film Devil’s Bridge. Day Trip Media played an important role supporting the production of the film, supplying staff, expertise and equipment to help complete the feature from development through to a UK cinema release and international distribution.

Day Trip Media continues to grow and has since taken on a third permanent member of the team, who’s expertise is essential to the continued growth of the web side of the business. The core team of three are supported by a number of trusted and respected freelance staff as required and depending on the project.

In 2014 the sole tradership traded up to become a limited company, whom’s focus going forward is on maintaining its reputation as a top rate, consumer focused web content producer; consolidating the position and authority of its existing sites as well as developing new online brands to match those it already has. It will also be expanding its work in the film production side and related services, with a number of new projects in the pipeline.

If you’d like to contact Day Trip Media Ltd, we can be contacted here.